Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Random Encounter

I talked to someone today. That someone I'm sure I won't be forgetting anytime soon. We have been talking for a couple of minutes now and yet this person makes me feel like he can understand me more than the people that I encounter with everyday could. He said:
 "I have special people in my life, but I am as lonely as you."

This guy is just brilliant. That line (and some others which I will be discussing later) made a mark. It does not happen so much with conversations I have with people - specially with strangers. 

I just dawned on me that yes, I have so much special people in my life and yet here I am, shallow and jaded. Why such loneliness? Is there something wrong with me? Could it be the reason for my thoughts and feelings an aftermath of my refusal to open up to happiness and opportuntites? For whatever reason it is, I'm surely frustrated. I shall find out the answers soon enough. By then, I shall be living that life of happiness that recently seems to be closer to dreaming that experiencing reality.

The conversation landed into that issue of infidelity. He shared to me (not in detail) his own experience on it and I simply commented that the thought of infidelity disgusts me. He said:
"Infidelity is an interplay of reasons, circumstances, time and some other things. the mere thought of it should stimulate you to think and come up with a rather intellectual objective realization. Not disgust."

Well said - I don't think there are no other better set of words to reply to such a meaningless comment. 

There should be more of this guy's kind. People like him interests me so much because they know where they stand and they know how to clearly set out their thoughts; thoughts that actually make sense. If only the world would have more of them; there would be less complications and crap that we have to deal with.

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