Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rendezvous beyond Human Understanding

She anticipated another yet rendezvous that would surely awaken that seemingly enduring consciousness; as if it was not clear enough that her entirety yearned for such an event for a couple of days and counting. Since the moment they kissed goodbye, she wished for some blinding flash of miracle to let her freeze time and spend it like every minute was the last. Instead, the moment ended in dire tragedy as she got out of his car and into the reality that her fairytale story for the night was over. 

Over thinking, wishful thinking, and contemplating - there she went on about how such a prince who came knocking down her castle not long ago was able to sweep her off her feet in a deafening way; even her precious mind was questioned on its ability to comprehend. 

Another sunrise and she knew from the depths of her being that it was going to be her day; a different kind of morning as she hesitantly prepared for what has yet to come - uncertainty and eagerness to get through the day and into the arms of that prince who, with unguarded approach held her helpless existence into his grasp. 

She gazed into the contour of his face under the moonlight that seemed to glisten in time for that moment. They were on a bridge that showed the endless possibilities that brought the two of them together. His eyes were mesmerizing as she knew about his worries and dreams - it was like of a boy's eager to go through the world with so much ecstatic desire. His nose had the nice pointy touch that made his cheeks look so cheerful and firm; and those lips - ah! the lips of an angel, the one she has always thought of since the minute she first saw him. 

Oh lady, what has this stranger done to deserve such? - a question neither of them could justify. There was a moment of silence and she could feel the reciprocation from his gentle touch; the way this prince held her was unlike any other in a way that her soul was longing to have more than what already is.  He laughed like a boy and yet he talked like a true spoken man. He poised himself like a victor walking out of a battle he had just won.

She could not take it anymore - she had to understand more. A moment of truth and honesty came rushing in from the sweet prince's soft spoken voice as his enticing lips told her everything she needed to know. She was baffled and yet those were the most beautiful barrage of words she has ever encountered.

What he was - she may never apprehend fully but she knew it was then she had to stay for more. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Agenda Underneath These Smiles

They said we should all live a life that we'll never regret.
We eat, we drink, we party and go crazy over the seemingly golden pleasures in life;
but as you look deeper into each person's soul, 
a realization shall disturb your utmost being -
one that can change your perspective of the world forever.