Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello, Stranger with a Name

The moment I had my arms around your neck as I was about to say goodbye changed everything. I was looking straight into your eyes and it instantly felt like I had butterflies all over my tummy. It left me with a question that has been playing in my head over and over, in different forms and visions, in colorful flashes from distinct seconds of memory: “What if I stayed and just let go?.” Would it have changed anything or will I still be just another girl you met?

You see, I promised the rest of the night to a friend that I haven’t seen in five years. The plan was to catch up about everything that we have missed and to just be sober. He had all the courage to ask permission from all of my three bosses to take me out. He even had to give out his number just in case they wanted to look for me. As a friend, I am the most loyal you’ll ever meet – and it means the world to me to keep my word with every chance I get… and so I did what I had to do.

I must admit, the glistening water at the beach as the full moon shone all over it was amazing. The breeze was unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. It was like the universe conspired to create that perfect moment. It was magic.

I just was not so sure if it was really him I wanted to be with. A part of me was pulling me back to you.

I met you twice that day – a day that was part of my year’s greatest adventure. It came as a surprise as I was not anticipating to have a person I spent a couple of minutes with be one of the highlights of that utopian holiday.

It has been eight days and yet thoughts of the way you looked and the way you were comes more often that you think. They catch me in the most unexpected moments of my day; and you know what? I indulge in them. They make me smile or give me flashes of that fluttery feeling.  

I know you will be coming back soon but I do not know if you would see me after this. Its a huge risk, you might think of me differently now and run away as far as you can. It doesn't matter, I just thought that you deserve to know what a few minutes with you meant to one person in the world.

No regrets. :)