Friday, September 4, 2009

Immortal Beloved

Oh Immortal Beloved,

Believing in your existence is betraying the very thought that there's no such thing as "the right time"; and yet here I am, ready to defeat every reason that tells me I should not. In reality, I don't know anything about you. I do not know who you are and yet I love you in the deepest sense. I love you in a way that when every time a thought of you passes by, my heart jumps out of pain; like it experiences a massive flicker of a lightning shock. 

Think of me as a lovely masochist for your love; a fan who would do anything to get to know how it feels like to be with you - for you to be called mine. As much as it hurts thinking that you may never be that one I have been perceiving you were, I choose to risk all that I have and hope for a miracle that would lead me to wherever you are. 

I'm lost for words. I know I still have so much to say. My thoughts are speaking to me all at the same time; I can't put everything out in words, much to my frustrations and pains towards you.

Until then,
Christine Angela Sevilla

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