Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Forbidden Mistletoe Kisses

Its the time of the year again - the one I earnestly wait for. The breeze that touches my skin is beginning to wrap every inch of it with a comforting chill, I gravely await for every day to turn into the darkest of night just so I could see such wonderful lights, I frantically rant about the impossibly hectic traffic for the reason that everybody else is busy shopping for their loved ones.

As I stare at the glittery golden Christmas tree under the spotlight, I gaze in wonder how such could symbolize peace and generosity - how a tree could look so elegant when we get past thousands of them in our everyday lives. The Christmas Jazz music that's way better than what everybody else listens to on ordinary days gets through to my soul which makes me forget about the earthly pains and worries I have been cautiously hiding. 

So much parties to attend to, so much shopping to do, so much going on and yet I love every minute of it. Makes me wonder how this feeling only lasts for just a month - I feel like I am in love with something of the unknown. There's something to it that I could just embrace forever. I feel family all around me, friends who really care, even strangers who seem to be a bit closer.
Yes, after a long time, I feel happy and at peace. 
Happy Holidays.


  1. and even if one portion of your life ain't what you always dreamed of it to be..

    you realize that, "heck. i don't really need all pieces of the puzzle to be happy. i just need all the right pieces at the right time."


  2. I love it. Youre totally right. I was happy for a time, anyway. Its just that there was nothing else to hold on to anymore. Here i am stronger than before. Im fixing the heart that somebody shattered into pieces - and the next time i wont be scared to take abother chance the way I did before. Cheers to life; happiness, heartaches, and unforgettable moments.