Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Exasperated Drama

The past few days have been so calm and soothing; the rain never stopped. Its as if the higher beings just listened to my drawned out plead to make me feel alive. 

I endear life the most when I go through times like these. I feel much more alive when I am reminded of my earthly pains and discontentment. I awake from the dreams I love to be convinced of and I distrust even a bit of hope for something greater. 

Dreams and hopes are illusions of the mind. As much as I want to make all of these real, they can never be. They are non existent - a make believe, a lie to feed humanity's  surreal craving for a better life. The futility of even trying paves way for ignorance and yet learning not to drown in them is the hardest thing there is to constrain.

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