Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Antediluvian Question

I have always wondered why religion has been a big part of humanity's life. It always baffled me how people can have faith in something that seems to be non existent to begin with. It amazes me how that strong belief can actually change people's lives - how they live, what they do and how they face each day's struggles.

Being that resistant person that I am, I never really approved of idolizing something that does not seem to be there. I could not even swallow a bit of the thought of stooping down for something that's bigger than life itself.

I never anticipated that this day would come but I may have just apprehended that it can actually happen. In a wider view of things, I have unexpectedly realized that its not only in religion that people believe not because of its verified existence but out of faith; or sometimes what we call hope. 

Love - who can prove its existence? In my somewhat fourteen years of my ability to understand and remember things, no one has ever explained clearly what love truly is. Science can describe it as a biological and chemical attraction between two people while Theology describes it as an affection needed for supposedly every one that you meet; most of the time, the kids describe it as a "mystery". Does any of them answer that seemingly simple four letter word? 

Not long ago I experienced loving someone that did not exactly exist. That someone - rather, something opened my eyes to that possibility of hope and longing. I have been given a taste of my own medicine. I have synthesized that we choose to have faith in something because of our utmost inner desires - may it be for happiness, materiality, or purely satisfaction.

I can only try to explain; there are still things of the unknown that humanity has not got the answers to.

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  1. and by the time that we realize that what we know and believe in is not real, it's too late to reverse things..

    yet the very heaviness and lightness that our chest feels and the very thoughts that we feel and think are immaterial and can never actually be seen with a human eye. and yet we know for a fact that they're real. :D