Friday, September 11, 2009

The Isochronism

Here I am again writing with a shattered heart. I have just realized that most of us yearn for that feeling of utterly reciprocated love that we tend to blind ourselves from the shallow reasons that make us give in to that extreme desire. We choose to turn our heads the other way than accept the fact that this person may not be the one for us; hence, it leads to a bitter ending: sad, crushed, and most of all, lonely - right back where we started.

I have gone through a number of moments like these and yet I never seem to get tired. I get past the stop sign and think that this person could be the one; the one that is worth the risk of getting hurt. Only to end up with a heart shattered in pieces, knees on the floor, and free flowing tears. 

Every time I get back up, I tell myself to reluctantly choose the next one. To no avail, it ends over and over again. Most times I think it gets tiring but when this next potential charmer comes my way, there I am practically throwing myself with hope that this could be the one that could give me the happiness I deserve. 

Someone, please get me out of my misery.

1 comment:

  1. The sweetest love can be felt only by the heart that has known misery and treasured by the person who's known lost.

    And besides, why does it matter that the wrong one didn't work out? In the end what matters is getting to the right one, and threading through these wrong ones is just part of the process.