Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Management is a story about a guy who runs a motel with his parents who, on one random day, fell inlove with a customer. Mike (Steve Zahn) wanted to take his chance with Sue (Jennifer Aniston) went up to her on the night that she checked-in the motel and tried his best to get to know her. Sue was not interested at all and pushed Mike away in whichever way she can. Time came when she finally had to leave the motel which meant parting ways with Mike. On Sue's way out, she knew she wanted Mike - that there was something she did not want to let go off. She went back, and expressed a physical way of attraction with Mike but then eventually ended up leaving, still. 

Mike did everything he can to follow Susan around the country and did all the ways he possibly could to be with her. To Mike's dismay, the more he followed Susan, the more he was pushed away. He never gave up and thought about her for as much as he could. Time came when Mike knew that Susan moved to Washington State to be with her former boyfriend. Despite the fact that Susan had someone already, he still decided to follow her there with only $300 dollars in his pocket. 
He didn't have a home and he was running out of cash and yet searched the whole state for her. He then met this chinese busboy who knew the guy that Susan was with. Things got complicated when Mike found out that Susan was going to be wed to the present boyfriend and that she was pregnant. Mike went to a monk monastery and learned to "let go and move on" while Susan got ready for her baby. 

Like for almost all of the love stories in the movies, they ended up together after everything that happened between them.

KUDDOS to the script writer, director, and whoever chose Steve Zahn to portray Mike's role. The soundtrack was pure brilliant - I loved every song. The movie is surely a must watch. 

How I wish I could have a love like that. How I wish someone would fall for me in a way that he wouldn't see my flaws and just look at me as someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I want to know how it feels like being respected and loved in that kind of level - where there is not even room for infidelity or other issues, where it would only be him and I living our life together.

Till that day comes - I will be here waiting for that person to find me.

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