Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Write My Heart Out

Its been quite a while since I wrote in this blog of mine. Things just got too busy that I forgot about the existence of that one thing that helped me drag myself out of the pit hole and into this world I am blissfully living at the moment. 

After a long time of groveling and introspecting about things, I just was not able to put in here my thoughts that I feel obligated to write an apology to you, whoever you are who cares so much about this lady's wicked and cryptic apprehensions.

In the midst of it all, I have come to the conclusion that my life is not at all another teenage life. I choose to be different every single day - from the clothes that I wear, from the things I do on most days, and the way I make my decisions. I am not like one of those bloggers who rant so much about the things that happen in my life; more of like I am bewildered with so many thoughts that come into this puny brain of mine - I like to think, I like to question things of the unknown. I find peace in trying to search for something that not a lot of people try so much to grasp. 

Something in me, I know, is very different from the rest of humanity and so I began the seemingly futile and yet exhilarating adventure - I don't know in which position I am or how far I still have yet to conquer but what I know is I do something about it, taking one post and one step at a time, not caring about what other people has to say - this is me.

I will write my heart out. I will find myself soon and when I do, it will all be worth it.