Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer in 2010

Its almost summer time and I could not help but notice how much busy I have been these days - that at some point, I might just be as busy during the summer this year. This video has always served as an inspiration to me whenever I'd feel as if I am about to explode out of the extreme stress and aggravation in all the things I have to do. Whatever frustration I may have had, it always got me by just knowing that no effort ever goes unrewarded. I got this chance to travel Palawan with my closest college friends because my parents strongly believed that I deserve this big break. They made sure I grow up valuing the importance of effort and the rewards I get out of them.

I got to tour Palwan in the Philippines. My friends and I enjoyed going to so many places, meeting new people, and actually just going crazy in all the beaches and islands we went to. We went to Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Minilog Island, Lagen Island, Pangalusian Island, Vigan Island, Matinloc Island, Underground River, and Dos Palmas Island Resort. We ate great food, slept under the coziest beds, and got to experience a lot of firsts. Most of all, I got to be closer to the college friends I never thought would be as dear to me now.

I have always dreamed of travelling the world. Growing up, I saw myself touring the whole of Europe, South America, and then all the other countries in the world. Given the chance to choose how to live my life, I'd have to pick having to travel the world and see different sites while I meet new people and just party with them. 

I do the things I do at the moment because I want to make it big. I want to make it big enough that I would be able to reach the goals that I have set out for my life as quickly as I can. Time is of valuable essence that I would stick up to working and achieving so that I would be able to retire quickly and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

At the end of the day, its all that we have accomplished and experienced that matters.