Friday, October 23, 2009

The Infectuous Labyrinth

I reach out to you not knowing if there's something to grasp.
Are you really there or you're just one of the masked strangers that came my way?
Thoughts of you, mysterious stranger, insists on baffling my mind.
I am appalled with your charm and your devious smile.


  1. It does not take seeing someone to know and feel that they are existing. There's no need for you to reach out to know and feel that I'm around. You just need to trust me that I'll be beside you when you need me.We've gone beyond the uncomfortable silence that fills the gap between strangers.

    My mind is still baffled by a simple question - Where have you been all this time?

  2. You took chances Once too many times.
    As a child I thought - "Oh no, never my dad."
    Life is a gift, Given and taken at some Unknown time.
    Your time came too soon - Your life was over in a flash.
    The fun we shared,
    The joy you brought,
    All that remains is a memory. Miss u DAD

    p.s. I still read ur posts.