Monday, January 21, 2013


"I suppose in the end, all of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."

- Life of Pi (2013)

I froze the moment Pi (Piscine Patel) uttered this line with his audacious and hopeless tone. I felt a sudden silence as if the whole world sympathized with such familiar pain. I sat there in a pretty shell of a body looking as if I had no care in the world; my person as the only being who knows about the heart buried deep - slowly breaking into pieces as the soul excellently and passionately endures.

I remember you, the person who left without saying goodbye. I remember all the times you, who disappeared out into the horizon, professed how I was sunshine to your every morning and the glowing star of your every night. My heart starts to smile as I dig deeper into the most amazing flashes of memory - moments of truth, laughter, and passion.

I will always remember you and graciously smile like a defeated warrior. I am free of bitterness and angst as life taught me that pain is a gift of nature bound to serve its purpose - it was designed to be the very reason behind  every soul's ultimate future. 

For whatever reason you may have, I respect it. For whatever guilt you may feel, I forgive you. For whatever regret that may try to linger, its now time to let go.

I was happy with you but the stars whispered to themselves that we were not meant to be - maybe not now. If you should know, I cried a few tears for such loss. If you should know, my world did not stop when you left.

You should know that I am nothing less than thankful for having such a beautiful soul pass me by in this lifetime. You are pristine and perfect in every way. Your heart is amazing - its unlike anything I have ever known before.

Thank you for the heart-ache and lessons that you have taught me. I knew you were worth every bit of it since day one.

I don't want to be one that leaves without a word... for the first and last time,


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